Sermon 10.20.2019 1 Timothy Sermon Series (Chapter 6)



1 Timothy Chapter Sermon Guide 

In what way are we to see other people especially others who profess to have faith in Jesus Christ?

Personal Application: How does the slave/master relationship translate into your personal context? Whom do you have a power position over? Who has a power position over you?

How does the desire for wealth cause problems in the lives of all people but specifically in the lives of followers of Christ?

How do one’s desires reflect one truly believes?

Why are perseverance in the faith and suffering talked about together?

Personal Application What areas of your own life do you feel the Holy Spirit through the word is saying needs to be refocused with their aim towards things that are eternal rather than things that are temporal? [Money, sex, time, family, etc.] How might this cause you suffering in faithfulness?

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