Baseball is fun, but Jesus is life!

I remember having a t-shirt growing up that said, “Baseball is Life.”  I wore it as a kid without thinking too much of it because I truly loved the game of baseball.  If we think about it though that shirt is kind of silly.  Baseball is a great game, and I would even say the greatest game as long as Major League Baseball doesn’t screw it up to bad, but it is not life.  We all have our passions in life and one of mine is baseball, but it provides me with nothing but fun and a time to not think about the weightier matters of life.  Yet so often people want to never engage with the weightier matters of life, and they just want to play baseball. 

If you have stumbled onto my page due to the recent coverage of my baseball career, I am happy you have found me here.  I want to let you know though that baseball isn’t life, and it will never be life. My career deals with the weightier mattes of life daily. I am with people when they are dealing with life and death.  I pray for and stive to support people who are going through difficult situations in their life.  I also get to celebrate with people at the high points in life. I don’t bring this up to say look at me I am so wonderful because often times I wish I could fix things, but I cannot.  All I have to offer as a pastor is Jesus. 

When someone is dying of cancer, I personally cannot take that cancer away.  Christ can but we have no promise that He will.  The promise we do have is that if that cancer is not taken away if one has faith in Jesus and what He has done in his death and resurrection that they will rise from the dead and live with Jesus for eternity.  When someone has screwed up their life through sin and careless living, I cannot fix their problems.  Yet if one repents and trust in Jesus, I have the opportunity to offer them lifesaving forgiveness in Christ.  Baseball is fun but Jesus is life!

A pitcher is the center of attention of a baseball game.  Nothing happens until the pitcher delivers the ball.  Some might say the same thing about a pastor, but my task as a pastor is not to be a star my task as a pastor is to point to the only star that matters, Jesus Christ. If you have never thought about who Jesus is or what he has done I would invite you to do so.  Poke around my blog and listen and read.  Find a biblical church, I would prefer a nice bible believing Lutheran church such as the one I pastor, and learn and hear more about Jesus because it is only in Christ that you will find life!

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